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    Super chill bottles and cans to 31° for a fraction
    of the Power, Water, Time, Space,
    Labor, Maintenance & Cost.

Patent pending IceFree Liquid Chilling Systems™ is freeing the bar and restaurant industry from the expensive, high-maintenance production, storage and replenishing of solid state ice for the cooling of beverages in speed wells and bins.

Continuously recirculating 31° super-chilled water maintains its liquid state saving significant power, water and space while achieving 100% prime surface area contact with bottles and cans. The frigid flow expels heat energy 24/7/365 chilling beverages more quickly and thoroughly than ice.

IceFree™ is changing the state of chill. The result is never-before-realized efficiency, bringing power, water, time, labor, maintenance, space and profits back to bar owners and business, while dramatically reducing environmental consumption AND delivering the coldest beverage you'll ever taste.

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